Capabilities increase capacity. Capacity makes effective delivery certain.

Incremental Change Management

Understand, Learn & Apply

The Incremental Change Management Maturity Model (ICM3) is a simple way to asses the ‘real’ maturity of your team or organisation. This is a good indicator of where you are before you even attempt to use a more complex maturity model.

To achieve the stage, your organisation must have 100% compliance for all projects that are being funded or managed as stand-alone projects. (i.e. not part of business as usual / normal operations). Should you choose to accept anything below 100%, our experience shows that each 5% increment

Formats (online or onsite)
1:1 – personal and customized to mee the needs and style of the individual. Typically for senior team leaders and managers. Frequency is dependent upon the objectives for the individual

1:Few – group of up to five (5) individuals. This is an effective format ideally for cross discipline, workgroup, or workstream leaders. The most effective frequency is monthly with 1:1 sessions booked for key influencers between monthly sessions.

1:Many – large groups. The limitation on size is highly dependent upon the platform for engagement (in person vs online). This format is ideal for launching the programme and programme closure.

Capabilities increase capacity. Capacity makes effective delivery certain.

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