Chances are you don’t know Lindsay Consolidated Services (LCS). You may, however, know most of the brands and organisations we’ve worked with or for. LCS is a UK based, boutique consultancy that also operate in the USA.

LCS specialize in project and program rescue (aka remobilization). We have been called ‘the weapon of choice’ for leaders who need to find and fix urgent issues in their strategic projects and programs. Where other consultancies talk theory, LCS apply, implement, and deliver.

LCS deliver corporate level support services that support the full lifecycle project, programme and portfolio delivery. Services range from strategic path development to ‘hands on’ delivery of project and programme management.

LCS work in partnership with other boutique consultancies to deliver services to multi-national organisations and government bodies. Clients have included: BBC, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford Retail, Smith & Nephew, and DPD. Services have been delivered into a wide range of industries including: Retail, Financial Services, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Banking, Utilities and the Charity Sector [with a focus on IT Operations]

Services include delivery of leadership and management training, project & PMO mobilisation (and re-mobilisation). We deliver using your approved methodology (ADKAR, PRINCE2, PMI, Agile, Waterfall, bespoke). LCS deliver a wide range of pre-change services including, but not limited to Stakeholder Analysis, Change Project Management, Change Impact Analysis, Behavioural Change, Change Strategy, Implementation and Adoption delivery.

When you plan it, it's possible. When you plan *and* schedule it, it's *certain*.