How “The Three Principles” Destroyed A Business

Posted on August 9, 2015

Three Principles

This is for all of the accredited coaches, consultants and trainers out there to be aware of a growing ‘movement’ that could inadvertently destroy your current business – it’s called Three Principles

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen and even been accredited a wide range of personal and professional tools and techniques. I’ve spent almost a decade learning and investing into myself and my business. I’ve seen and experienced the impact of well respected techniques and philosophies… CBT, NLP, EFT and used profiling tools including DISC, Talent Dynamics, Kolbe, Belbin etc.

My wife (Janet Lindsay) started working with a guy named Dr. Aaron Turner and told be about what she was doing. As a curious skeptic that wants to get more ‘tools’ I thought I would complete my ‘toolkit’ by covertly checking it all out. So I decided to look into the not-so-new “Three Principles” that was supposed to be ‘silly simple’. I also saw that it could potentially be a great way to break into new markets with this blend of philosophy and theology – a holistic approach that is becoming more popular within the personal development community.

“As a curious skeptic that wants to get more ‘tools’ I thought I would complete my ‘toolkit’ by covertly checking it all out.”

What did I find?

  • Yes, it’s simple.
  • Yes, it’s profound.
  • And yes, it’s holistic.


  • It’s not a tool.
  • It’s not easy.
  • It’s not a technique.

It turns out that The Three Principles made my last ten years – although valuable to the point of spending $68,000 on personal development – feel like it was mis-spent. As I’ve developed a greater understanding of The Principles I’ve become more aware of how and why the techniques that I use work. Best of all – my own life is the proof in the pudding along side the testimonials and other ‘social proof’.

“It’s like learning about physics and knowing why/how the mechanics of the machines you use work.”

I now have a deeper understanding of why the impact of what I did before was limited or short lived for both myself and my clients.

The result… I’ve been throwing away the tools and techniques one by one. I’m now feeling compelled to throw all of the complex, shallow and short term techniques in the dustbin (or as we say in the US, “trash can”) because they no longer serve me and are not the best way to serve many of my clients.

I’m feeling better about what I do, who I do it for. I’ve increased the price point of individual sales and sales have been increasing. This isn’t a get rich quick thing – it’s a building and growing myself and my business in a way that feels ‘right’ and is, in some cases, almost effortless.

It’s not directly because of any course or accreditation – it’s been the result of insights during conversations with people who have an understanding of The Principles. AND not all of these people are selling the insights “for only £497 if you buy today” or “in this DVD series for only $2997”. In fact, a wealth of the information is available without charge…. online!

I’ve learned from conversations with ex-offenders, army officers, social workers, bank executives and CEOs. And, of course, there are a group of highly insightful ‘Three Principles Practitioners’ that are able to articulate their understanding in a way that really helped me. I’ve been able to hear the insights of respected and highly successful consultants and coaches like Michael Neill and George Pransky that prove that this can be applied to business and work for coaches.

As I said, The Three Principles destroyed my old business. What is emerging is a more successful and impactful business that is based upon relationships, trust, understanding as well as the required ‘real world/tangible results’ that are transforming the business that I work with and for.

To experience and get your own perspective on this, I invite you to check out these testimonial videos at:

Or simply Google the terms “The Three Principles” or “Sydney Banks” (the guy who found the words to put this all into perspective).

If you are a lifelong learner that seeks to grow and make a difference, I feel that this may be the opportunity to put away the heavy tools and move forward with more freedom and peace than ever before. (and you may even find your business improves as well)

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