Inspire and Motivate Your Audience

“When you choose Marcellus as a keynote speaker, you won’t be getting a cookie cutter presentation. Marcellus works with you to ensure that the content is customized for your audience. Not only will you get valuable content designed specifically to meet your needs, but it will be delivered in a high energy and engaging format.”

Marcellus is passionate about helping others do MORE with LESS and equips his audience with the tools to work smarter, feel more motivated about getting things done and stepping up to the next level of their business.

“technically excellent and yet so natural” – Feedback Form Comment

Training and Experience

Marcellus has been trained and coached by professional speaker coaches including:

Paul Avins, Steve Trister, Topher Morrison, Daniel Priestley, Joanne Martin Speaker Training and completed Anthony Robbin’s Mastery University as well as getting training at the Birmingham Old Repetory Theatre Acting School.

Marcellus has delivered keynotes, lectures and lead focus groups and workshops in locations around the world including: France, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Bali and St. Marten.

Your team can hear valuable content and practical action oriented material on subject matter and topics that include:

  • Keynote Speaker at Business ConferencesMarcellus Lindsay i2i Speaker
  • Church Youth Conference Speaker & Mentor
  • Business Club Speaker
  • Team Building and Training Event Speaker
  • Inspirational and Motivational Lectures at Colleges and Universities
  • Training Event Speaker and Facilitator
  • Master of Ceremonies at Book Launches and Business Events

“a natural presenter”– Feedback Form Comment

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Most Popular Talks

These are some of the most popular and impactful talks that I have delivered to audiences ranging from Students to Director Level executives.

  • How to Avoid Losing Your Personal BrandMarcellus Speaking
  • How to Create Authentic Engaging Social Media Content
  • Seven Steps to Optimise Your Organisation
  • 5 Steps To More Productive Meetings
  • Unlock Your Personal Productivity
  • How to Stay Aware of and Ahead of Cash Flow Crisis
  • The Idea Myth: Ideas Are Worthless. The Power of Implementation

To arrange a conversation about your event, the objectives and how he can ignite and inspire your audience to take action.

“pragmatic and engaging”– Feedback Form Comment

The Foundation

Marcellus is an author, speaker business coach and consultant. He has with over 25 years management and leadership experience across a wide range of industries from Accountancy and Finance to Retail Sales and Marketing. He works as a self employed in-house consultant to SMEs and blue chip multinationals.
Marcellus has extensive experience working with organisations to systemise and optimise their business for scalable and accelerated growth. His approach is based upon helping individuals and organisations do more with less – specifically, getting more value out of current activities.

“passionate and inspiring” – Feedback Form Comment

He is passionate about partnerships and believes that the SME is THE foundation of our economy. The current economic climate demands that we work together and do more with less. He delivers services on behalf of LCS to such as 1:1 coaching, training., small group consultancy and live events.

“confident and insightful” – Feedback Form Comment

The skills and experience that get the job DONE

Speaker – international, professional speaker
Implementation Consultant – Project and Programme Mgr
Trainer – Knowledge transfer to help you DIY for sustainable results
Business Consultant – Objective, pragmatic advice, focused on the desired results
Business Mentor – support and experienced insight
Business Coach – drawing out your innate wisdom

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