Event Support


Tickets are available from Eventbrite (for Marcellus’s events) or from the site related to the event where he’s speaking.

Key Event Managers and Facilitators

Renata Renata assists in the delivery of our live events. Renata provides practical advice and insights to event participants based on her years of experience as an owner of a series of enterprises including a nightclub bar and tanning spa.

Renata is our resident multi-lingual and multi-talented resource based in continental Europe.

Specialist Knowledge: Business Operations

Primary Location:  Czech Republic

 Diane Event Facilitator Diane provides support at our live events ensuring that participants have an outstanding experience.

Diane has the ability to make just about anyone feel at ease.  If you’re at an event and have a question, Diane usually knows the answer or will get it for you.

Specialist Knowledge: Retail and Medical Service Operations

Primary Location:  United Kingdom