About Me

My goal and mission is to use my passion, experience and creativity to "position you for more success by helping you to do MORE with less." I mean, we all want MORE of something, don't we? Even those who say they don't, then they actually want MORE of the same.

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Me in a Nutshell

Marcellus Lindsay 21I do what I do because I love it. What's most important to me is to add value to people and organisations that value what I do and how I do it. That requires trust. I work with people who seek clarity and direction and want more out of themselves, their teams and their lives. I believe that an idea is born in the heart and mind of an individual then seek expression. I use my skills, experience and insight to inspire and equip others so that they express the idea in a way that it can be implemented and achieved. And the great thing is that we can achieve more together than we can by ourselves. I work with a limited number of partners so that I can add more than just a boost to the bottom line, but I can add value to the individuals, teams and organisation with whom I work. How can I help you? Discover how I can help you during a no obligation session where you will go from an idea to an insight in 40 minutes AND help a worthy cause at the same time (I do not accept a payment for the session). Book an i2insight™ session today and I guarantee that you will be better for it. Let's Talk...

How I invest my time

  1. Speaking 20%
  2. Coaching 15%
  3. Training 10%
  4. Consultancy 55%
Most of my time is spent delivering consultancy to large corporations as a contractor or seconded member of the team. I enjoy working with business leaders from around the world as a coach, helping them recall and rediscover what they know and APPLY it. My real passion is for teaching and inspiring large groups as a speaker and trainer. The problem is that there are too many people chasing the new, shiny objects and tools - and getting into debt to do so. You see, if you don't make more than what you spent on the 'new and shiny' information or tools - you're just spending money. It only becomes an investment when you make more back than you paid out. Tangible, quantifiable benefits. That's what pays the bills.

  • "In business, if it doesn't make pounds and pence - then it doesn't make cents"- Marcellus Lindsay
  • "To know and not to do, is not to know"- Stephen R. Covey
  • It's not about getting a solution. It's about getting the RIGHT solution for YOU!- Marcellus Lindsay
  • Seek simplicity. Complexity will find you- Marcellus Lindsay
  • How you do anything, is how you do everything.- R. Anthony Lindsay
  • Leaders are readers and leaders are listeners. What you read determines who you lead. Who you listen to determines who listens to you.- Marcellus Lindsay