Services by Industry Sector

LCS is committed to the task of identifying the needs of customers through constant research and development with our customers and from within our extensive resource and knowledge pool. In order to manage and focus our activities, LCS’s services have been categorised into four strategic focus areas:

Public & Government Sector

Federal, State and Municipal bodies Private Sector

Private Companies from SMEs to large Multinational Third Sector Non-Profit, Charity, Volunteer and Social Enterprises

Public Sector & Government

Whether it is at the city, county, state or National / Federal level, working with government requires an understanding of this unique sector. Staff at LCS have a wide range of experience as both contactors and workers within county and national government agencies. As a result of our extensive firsthand experience, we have an understanding and appreciation for the systems, process and documentation required to tender, deliver and manage services that are provided to government agencies.

We recognize the importance of delivering tangible benefits and consistently high quality to government agencies who are under ever increasing pressure to ensure the delivery of value to taxpayers. LCS and/or its member organisations have provided services to government in both the UK and USA.

Private Sector The challenges that face all private organisations all boil down to three common issues: Not making enough Optimising operations or Having more sales than your organisation can efficiently manage At LCS we have worked with organisations from start ups to multinationals. We use industry best practice combined with our proprietary VISTA model to transform organisations from the inside out. We get the best results by following three areas of transformation Individual – 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring Team Group training Organisation – business system and process engineering  Third Sector At time where Government is cutting back and bursaries are running low, the members of the Third Sector are realising that they have to change their mindset and be more resourceful in order to meet the needs of the people and communities that they serve.

LCS as an organisation supports Charities, Non-Profits and Social Enterprise organisations with more than monthly donations and rhetoric. LCS provide services to Third Sector organisations that help them to grow and prosper. We provide the no nonsense, pragmatic advise and services that enable you to Identify overlooked opportunities Identify new opportunities Increase income Our experience in this area comes from the fact that we have set up community service organisations that allow our staff and management to give back to the community.