About Us

About Us Our name is our brand, our brand is our name.

Excellence is our Legacy. This is a corporate tag line and it is the culmination of years of dedication and commitment to a vision that has become a legacy.

Lindsay Consolidated Services (LCS) is the lifelong ambition of C. Barrington Lindsay Sr. who, having instilled and nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit in his children has created a platform from which the respective enterprises can operate and benefit.

Each of the companies, headed and owned by members of the family, can and do operate as distinct entities in their own right. LCS forms a common base and foundation that embodies the values of each of company and also provides a shared platform and resources that each business can gain from the economy of scale though combination purchases or investments.  We provide products and services that will serve you and contribute to your growth and success. If you have been searching for an organization that is truly committed to upholding its values and brand, then look no further. We stand by our service, because our service carries our name and our name stands for value and integrity.


Quality – No matter what the endeavor, we seek to deliver the highest levels of quality products and services.

Responsibility – We recognize that we play an important role in our relationships with our customers and our community and, therefore, demonstrate personal, social and financial responsibility for what we do and the way we do it.

Integrity – We ensure that our core values are part of our business practices and the people we employ.

OUR VISION Lindsay Consolidated Services will, through its businesses and business practices; establish, develop and promote profitable and sustainable enterprises in the USA and Europe.

OUR STRATEGY To establish a shared framework for our businesses that will leverage the skills, knowledge and experience of each business area to maximize the benefit to our clients, our community and our investors.

OUR HISTORY LCS represents collaboration between the companies, skills and resources of the extended Lindsay family in locations across the globe. LCS businesses have been trading since 1993 as individual entities without the formal relationship that exists in LCS. Lindsay Consolidated Services was formally registered as a limited company in England in 2007 and was incorporated in the United States in 2009.

LCS operates in all areas of industry, both public and private, with the common objective of being highly renowned for delivering high quality products and services to our customers.