We’re Passionate About Partnerships to Grow Your Business   If you’re reading this page then chances are that you are at one of three key stages in your business

  • You want to grow and make more money
  • You are looking for ways to increase efficiency to increase profitability
  • You are starting out or preparing to launch a new venture If you are at any of these crucial points then you may have questions on what to do next.

Your next step is to embrace the power of collaboration. Through partnerships, relationships and Joint Ventures with people and organisations that share your values and vision, you can go further, faster and more cost effectively. We partner with you (sharing the risks and rewards) to help you to improve performance and get the results that you need for more success. We use conventional wisdom in unconventional ways to help you improve performance and win.   That’s why we’re the people to call when you don’t know who to call?

Read on or ACT NOW! Get a FREE* 40 minute session to discover ways for you to generate NEW business and more profitable customers   *a small donation that is paid directly to a charity is required for this meeting. Lindsay Consolidated Services (LCS) provide the missing piece in your puzzle to give you clarity and confidence on your journey from where you are to where you want to be.

There Are Three Ways To Grow From Here

1. Accelerate Growth LCS will help you to do more with less and get more profit out of your current sales by systemising the way you work.   Preparing for business growth is a sign of confidence in your plan. If you are not prepared you could lose valuable momentum and profits due to poor operating practices.   We position you for rapid, exponential growth of profit, while avoiding many of the overheads (and headaches) that could slow you down.   We’ve assisted organisations that have experienced rapid business growth that was sustainable due to the scalable infrastructure that we implemented on their behalf.   It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. We can achieve MORE together. We are part of The Business Wealth Club community locted in the USA and UK. Use this link to find out how you can get access to FREE coaching, training and business development resources.

2. Performance Improvement & Systems Optimisation Performance improvement begins with the individual (that’s you) and can be used to improve performance of your organisation.   LCS has the experience and expertise to help you get MORE out of your   Your time Your money Your life The first step to Enterprise Performance Management is to understand yourself. Talent Dynamics is the World’s number one business development tool to improve trust and flow within your organisation. Take the Talent Dynamics Profile test today and get a 17 page report that will deepen your insight into yourself, your organisation and give you powerful strategies to improve your business. Take the test via this link and get an ebook valued at $29 filled with winning sales strategies.

3. Firm Up Your Business Foundation LCS has extensive experience in the area of business start-ups.   Ideas that are not implemented are worthless! The power and the profit is in how you implement the idea and start up your business. We can help you turn an idea into a profitable business by taking you through a process that ensures that you stay in business.   Many of the mistakes that cause failure actually happen before the start up. We provide the essential services, networks and resources to help you start up with momentum including:

Business Training for start ups Sources of Funding Mentors Business Coaches Planning for business growth Click the icon to discover how you can get 1:1, 1:Few and Enterprise-wide assistance to go from IDEA through IMPLEMENTATION to making more INCOME (i2i)